Outreach/Classroom Programs

Can’t make the trip to the Molly Brown House Museum? We will come to you! Our innovative and interactive programs will bring history to life with artifacts, historical facts, and fun activities! For only $100.00 per program, Museum staff will come directly to you!

Continuing for the 2016-2017 school year: For both on site and outreach programming, we offer these programs at a low or no cost. Call 303.832.4092 x17 for more information. Email the Director of Education, Jamie Melissa Wilms at to schedule a program today!

Carpetbag (1st-5th grade):

This pre-visit program is a perfect combination to our onsite House Tour. Students will be able to meet Molly through a brief introduction provided by one of our costumed presenters.

Denver Grows! (2nd-6th grade):

Travel through time as Denver grows from a mining town to a great urban center, this program fits in with Colorado and local history curriculum. This program will correspond with our new classroom curriculum book Discovering Denver: Brick by Brick.

Lego City (3rd-8th grade):

Become a historic preservationist through this popular program! Build you own cities both past and present and learn about saving historic structures, evolution of a city, and the importance of historic preservation.

Science of Titanic (3rd-6th grade):

Students will be able to explore how the Titanic was built and understand how it worked through this interactive math and science programming using replicas of the ship and other fun interactives.

Mining Lab (2nd-5th grade):

This new hands on program will allow students to learn about three different types of mining while understanding what life was like in mining camps. Touchable artifacts will accompany this program such as miner’s helmets and gold!

Molly the Activist (5th-12th grade):

Take a look at Molly’s involvement in politics and reform efforts including women’s suffrage. This is a great program for women’s history month!

A Doughboy’s Life (3rd-8th grade)

Learn and experience what life was like for American soldiers, including Margaret Brown’s son Larry, during World War I. A mix of activities, artifacts, and soldiers’ firsthand accounts will teach students why soldiers fought, how they trained, and what it took to endure life in the trenches.

Fops, Frocks, and Fashion at the Turn of the Century
(3rd-8th grade)

Learn about the fashion of the late 1800s-the early 1900s, during the life of Margaret Brown. It will demonstrate how society influenced the way individuals presented themselves, along with the evolution of fashion to show how much society changed in less than a hundred years.

Women in Colorado: From Pioneers to Engineers (3rd-8th grade)

Students will be able to time travel with Margaret Brown as she meets with women who have shaped what Colorado is today. This interactive program uses primary resources and local history to help students learn about important women in Colorado history.


Where in the World is Margaret Brown?

This student interactive program takes you across the United States, and the world, as we try and figure out where and how Margaret traveled, how those technologies, and the world she lived in, changed over time, and what societal motivations were for anyone traveling during this time period-All while letting primary and secondary sources be our guide! Since this is a “research based” program, it will be a great tool to help introduce the concept of “sources” to your students prior to a research project they may have assigned to them in class.

Soldiers in Petticoats

It’s hard to imagine a time when women didn’t have the right to vote, but it actually wasn’t that long ago. In 2020, the United States will mark the centennial anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. In this interactive program, learn about the Suffrage movement in Colorado and the United States, along with how our very own Margaret “Molly” Brown was involved!


Speaker’s Bureau ($200 per program):

Learn about the Outrageous Times of Molly Brown, Victorian Holidays, Women’s Lives, Restoration, and so much more in this interactive lecture series.