A Cross-Cultural Life – Harry Triandis

Author(s) Autobiography of Harry C. Triandis, edited by William K. Gabrenya Jr.

2015, IACCP

Also available as an Apple iBook: http://psychology-research.org/triandis/Triandis-A_Cross-Cultural_Life-2015-v2.ibooks

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Grandparents in Cultural Context

Author(s) David W. Shwalb & Ziarat Hossain

2018, Routledge

Grandparents in Cultural Context gives a long overdue global view of the changing roles of grandparents. The eleven main chapters are by experts in the Americas, Europe and Russia, Asia, and Africa and the Middle East, and the editors integrate their chapters with previous writings on grandparenthood. Rather than technical or statistical research reports, each…

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Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology

Author(s) Ayse Uskul & Shigehiro Oishi

2018, Oxford

Edited by Ay≈üe K. √úsk√ºl and Shigehiro Oishi, Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology focuses on the social and economic conditions that impact on every aspect of an individual’s life cycle. This edited collection showcases a variety of approaches to the study of the role of the social and economic environment in human psychological processes, such…

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Romantic Love in Cultural Contexts

Author(s) Victor Karandashev

2017, Springer

This volume presents a conceptual, historical, anthropological, and sociological review of how culture affects our experience and expression of romantic love. What is romantic love and how is it different from and similar to other kinds of love? How is romantic love related to sex and marriage in human history and across contemporary cultures? What…

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The Value of Shame: Exploring a Health Resource in Cultural Contexts

Author(s) Elisabeth Vanderheiden & Claude-Helene Mayer

2017, Springer

This volume combines empirical research-based and theoretical perspectives on shame in cultural contexts and from socio-culturally different perspectives, providing new insights and a more comprehensive cultural base for contemporary research and practice in the context of shame. It examines shame from a positive psychology perspective, from the angle of defining the concept as a psychological…

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Muslim Minorities, Workplace Diversity and Reflexive HRM

Author(s) Jasmin Mahadevan, Claude-Hélène Mayer

2017, Routledge

Workplace diversity has become increasingly relevant to academics and practitioners alike. Often, this issue is tackled merely from a business-oriented/managerial point of view. Yet such a single-level perspective fails to acknowledge both the macro-societal context wherein companies and organizations act and the micro-individual dynamics by which individuals construct and affirm their identities in relation to…

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The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures

Author(s) A. Timothy Church

2017, Praeger

The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures represents the first extensive treatment of cross-cultural research on personality in a multi-volume book set, providing readers with a comprehensive and engaging handbook on the topic. Volume 1, titled Trait Psychology across Cultures, focuses on the cross-cultural study of personality dispositions or traits, including the extent to which…

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The Cultural Nature of Attachment: Contextualizing Relationships and Development

Author(s) Heidi Keller & Kim Bard

2017, Strüngmann Forum Reports

It is generally acknowledged that attachment relationships are important for infants and young children, but there is little clarity on what exactly constitutes such a relationship. Does it occur between two individuals (infant-mother or infant-father) or in an extended network? In the West, monotropic attachment appears to function as a secure foundation for infants, but…

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