Quod Erat Demonstrandum: From Herodotus’ Ethnographic Journeys to Cross-Cultural Research

Author(s) Aikaterini Gari & Kostas Mylonas


Table of Contents Chap. Authors (click on author to download as PDF) Title Table of Contents (book) 2 Editors Introduction and Overview 3 Shalom H. Schwartz Causes of Culture: National Differences in Cultural Embeddedness 4 Gustav Jahoda Reflections on Two of Our Early Ancestors 5 Heidi Keller Cultures of Infancy. The Foundation of Developmental Pathways 6 John…

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Rendering Borders Obsolete: Cross-Cultural and Cultural Psychology as an Interdisciplinary, Multi-Method Endeavor

Author(s) Franziska Deutsch, Mandy Boehnke, Ulrich Kühnen & Klaus Boehnke


Table of Contents Chap. Authors (click on author to download as PDF) Title 1 Franziska Deutsch, Mandy Boehnke, Ulrich Kühnen, & Klaus Boehnke Can Happiness Change? An interdisciplinary, Multi-method Integration of the Dynamics of Happiness 2 Elaine Hatfield & Richard L. Rapson Culture and Passionate Love 3 Marianna Argiropoulou, Vassilis Pavlopoulos & Karen Quek Conflict Patterns…

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Steering the Cultural Dynamics: Selected Papers from the 2010 Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

Author(s) Y. Kashima, E. Kashima, & R. Beatson (Eds.)

2010, IACCP

Table of Contents Editors Introduction    SPECIAL SYMPOSIUM: THE 2008 SICHUAN EARTHQUAKE Daphne Keats A Psycho-Cultural Program of Research to Assist Children Affected by the Sichuan Earthquake, China, 12 May, 2008 Daphne Keats & Shuguang Wang The Background to the Research: Cultural, Theoretical and Methodological Issues S. Chai, Xian Gui Yang, & Shuguang Wang A…

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