Board of Trustees & Staff


Board of Trustees

2016-2017 Trustees

Historic Denver is governed by a Board of Trustees, serving as volunteers, who oversee the organization’s operations, staff, and mission, including the operations of our flagship property, the Molly Brown House Museum. Board members are nominated on an annual basis and new terms typically begin in the late fall. The Board strives to represent a variety of community interests and provide the organization with the diverse skill sets necessary for any successful non-profit organization, as well as guidance on important preservation matters.

Historic Denver seeks new board members each year during the summer months. To express interest please contact Annie Levinsky at (303) 534-5288 ext. 1.

2016-2017 TRUSTEES

  • Bruce Allen
    President, Bruce G.Allen Investments

  • Elaine Asarch
    Asarch Center Derrmaspa

  • Stockton Baker
    Broker, Cushman Wakefield

  • Bob Bassett
    Attorney, Holland & Hart

  • Paul Books
    Developer, Palisade Partners

  • Lucy Clark
    Director of Development, Riversage Inns

  • Georgianna Contiguglia
    Community Volunteer

  • Dan Craine
    Architect, Craine Architecture

  • Jane Crisler
    Architect, Humphries Poli

  • Tom Hart

  • Ellen Ittelson
    Ittelson Planning & Implementation

  • Jesse Kajer
    Principal, Indicate Capital

  • David Leuthold
    Broker, Leuthold Properties

  • Casey Miller
    Real Estate Broker, Fuller Sotheby’s

  • Patrick Miller
    Attorney, Sherman & Howard

  • Linda Moery
    Landscape Architect, Retired

  • Kaydee Smith Myers
    Attorney, Property Manager

  • Jackie Noble
    Partner/Owner, Noble Erickson

  • Rebecca Rogers
    Senior Tax Manager, Hein & Associates

  • Judi Roach-Tointon
    Community Volunteer

  • Kendra Sandoval
    Outreach Specialist

  • Bob Sarlo
    Contractor, Interlock Construction

  • Rich Von Luhrte
    Architect, RNL

  • Steve Weil
    Owner, Rockmount Ranchwear

  • Bill Wenk
    Landscape Architect, Wenk & Associates

2016 – 2017 Board Officers:

  • Paul Books

  • Bob Sarlo
    Vice Chair

  • Rebecca Rogers

  • Kaydee Smith Myers



Executive Director, Annie Levinsky
(303) 534-5288 ext. 1, alevinsky@historicdenver.org

Director of Preservation Programs, John Olson
(303) 534-5288 ext. 4, jolson@historicdenver.org

Director of Discover Denver, Beth Glandon
(303) 534-5288 ext. 3, bglandon@historicdenver.org

Outreach and Tour Coordinator, Shannon Schaefer
(303) 534-5288 ext. 5, sschaefer@historicdenver.org

Preservation and Research Coordinator, Becca Dierschow
(303) 534-5288 ext. 6, bdierschow@historicdenver.org

Development Associate, Sigri Strand
(303) 534-5288 ext. 7, sstrand@historicdenver.org

The Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum Director, Andrea Malcomb
(303) 832-4092 ext. 15, amalcomb@mollybrown.org

Molly Brown House Museum Volunteer and Event Coordinator, Kim Popetz
(303) 832-4092 ext. 16, kpopetz@mollybrown.org

Molly Brown House Museum Curator of Collections
(303) 832-4092 ext. 12

Molly Brown House Museum Visitor Services Coordinator, Aileen Waski
(303) 832-4092 ext. 13, store@mollybrown.org

Molly Brown House Museum Director of Education, Jamie Wilms
(303) 832-4092 ext. 17, jwilms@mollybrown.org