International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology

The IACCP was founded in 1972 to facilitate communication among people interested in a diverse range of issues involving culture and psychology.

Harry Triandis (center) 1926-2019
Harry Triandis (center) 1926-2019


2020 – XXV Congress of IACCP

Jul 28, 2020—Jul 31, 2020

Olomouc, Czech Republic

2019 – V Latin America Regional Conference

Jul 16, 2019—Jul 19, 2019

San Jose, Costa Rica

2018 International Congress of IACCP

Jul 01, 2018—Jul 05, 2018

The University of Guelph, The Centre for Cross Cultural Research Canada

Association News

IACCP remembers Harry Triandis

June 13, 2019

Harry C. Triandis (1926-2019) died peacefully on June 1, 2019, at the age of 92 at the care center in…

Fons van de Vijver Passes Away

June 13, 2019

IACCP Past-President passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in his newly adopted city of Brisbane, Australia on June 1. The Association…

Canadian Psychological Association report on Guelph Congress

June 7, 2019

The Canadian Psychological Association magazine Psynopsis published a report on our Guelph Congress written by Saba Safdar, the congress organizer.…


Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology provides the latest empirical research on important cross-cultural questions in social, developmental, cognitive, linguistic, personality, organizational and other areas of psychology. Each volume of JCCP includes empirical papers, brief reports, and integrative review articles of empirical cross-cultural research, along with theoretical papers that may suggest new orientations for future research. The Journal publishes cross-cultural and single culture studies, and quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods are represented. It supplements its broad coverage with single-themed Special Issues and Special Sections dedicated to topics of particular interest.

IACCP members have free access to current and past issues of JCCP.

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Online Readings in Psychology and Culture

The Online Readings in Psychology and Culture (ORPC) is designed to serve as a resource for researchers, teachers, students, and anyone who is interested in the interrelationships between Psychology and Culture. Sponsored by the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP), this publication is a free online resource for readers and authors.

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Recent Publications by Members

Handbook of Cross-Cultural Psychology (2nd Edition)

Author(s) John Berry, Ype Poortinga, Janak Pandey, Pierre Dasen, T.S. Saraswathi, Marshall Segal, Cigdem Kagitcibai

V01.1: Theory and Method Vol.2.: Basic Processes and Human Development Vol. 3: Social Behavior and Apllications

Grandparents in Cultural Context

Author(s) David W. Shwalb & Ziarat Hossain

2018, Routledge

Grandparents in Cultural Context gives a long overdue global view of the changing roles of grandparents. The eleven main chapters are by experts in the Americas, Europe and Russia, Asia, and Africa and the Middle East, and the editors integrate their chapters with previous writings on grandparenthood. Rather than technical or statistical research reports, each…

Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology

Author(s) Ayse Uskul & Shigehiro Oishi

2018, Oxford

Edited by Ay≈üe K. √úsk√ºl and Shigehiro Oishi, Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology focuses on the social and economic conditions that impact on every aspect of an individual’s life cycle. This edited collection showcases a variety of approaches to the study of the role of the social and economic environment in human psychological processes, such…